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Henry was an exceptionally enthusiastic and dedicated member and playing a pivotal role within the Dutch language group. His journey with our centre began during the initial days, and from the very beginning, he proved to be an indispensable asset in shaping and refining our operational procedures.

Henry's unwavering commitment he actively contributed to the evolution of our team's working practices. His passion and dedication not only enriched our team dynamics but also helped us establish a strong foundation for our operations, ensuring efficiency and excellence in our Dutch-language services."


Henry played a vital role within the Care Operations team at Dell Bank. Initially, he led the Benelux Team as a Team Leader and later transitioned into an Individual Contributor position focusing on Collections and Credit Risk. In this capacity, he quickly stood out for his exceptional abilities in managing bad debt accounts, producing internal collections reports, and conducting internal collections audits.

Across these domains, Henry made significant contributions by introducing innovative approaches, generating insightful reports, and crafting effective strategies. Remarkably, his contributions continue to influence and guide the operations at Dell Bank, even post his departure. 

Henry Meijerink
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