Accounts Receivable Management

Effective accounts receivable management requires significant effort and cannot be handled with just a few hours per week. It demands expertise, continuous attention, and profound knowledge to recognize risks, ensure prompt payment of overdue invoices, and prevent future payment delays. That's why many entrepreneurs choose to outsource their accounts receivable management to us.

Opt for optimized accounts receivable management

Optimized accounts receivable management contributes to improved cash flow and often results in cost savings on financing expenses. Customers pay invoices more promptly, and the balance of outstanding receivables decreases. It is understandable that many entrepreneurs choose to place additional emphasis on accounts receivable management, especially since it brings numerous benefits such as strengthening customer relationships and retaining clients.


Choose customized solutions from Meijerink Credit Management

The specialists at Meijerink Credit Management are ready to assist you with your accounts receivable management. We have extensive experience in supporting both national and international companies. Curious about what we can do for your business? Explore our customized services below.

Accounts Receivable Management: The specialists at Meijerink Credit Management are engaged to handle the daily processing of outstanding invoices, account statements, sending payment reminders, and issuing dunning letters.

Optimization of Accounts Receivable Process: An effectively structured accounts receivable process not only has a positive impact on the cash flow position but also contributes to an improved and healthy balance position. Meijerink Credit Management specializes in optimizing accounts receivable processes and has achieved positive results through this optimization.

Debtor Calls: Conducting telephone contact is a time-consuming task and is often postponed or deferred by entrepreneurs. On behalf of our clients, we make debtor calls and provide them with feedback from the phone conversation, allowing them to continue the accounts receivable process. This leads to an improvement in the cash flow position and optimization of complaint management.

Advice on Accounts Receivable Process: In addition to practical support such as drafting payment reminders, sending dunning letters, invoicing, and conducting follow-up phone calls, we also provide advice to your organization, with the ultimate goal of achieving a highly efficient optimized accounts receivable management process.

Enrichment of Your Customer Databases: Does your accounts receivable database contain incorrect or incomplete contact information, or are you interested in enhancing your customer data, such as with the right contacts? Our specialists are ready to improve your data efficiently, accurately, and always with the appropriate tone.


Why choose Meijerink Credit Management?
  • Specialist in accounts receivable management
  • Quick and flexible deployment
  • Customer relationship preservation is a priority
  • Tailored services available
  • Setting up and monitoring accounts receivable processes
  • Control over your accounts receivable
  • Invoices are paid faster
  • Minimization of financial risks
  • Maximization of your working capital
  • Direct integration with your systems
  • Continuity assured


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